We provide you with the first Arabic notebook, which combines practicing writing the Arabic alphabet along with pronouncing it by using the most common vocabulary. Practice Ruq’ah calligraphy, which is the easiest and most spread font. Practice reading and writing more than 116 words in the most basic Arabic vocabulary.
Each letter comes with four illustrations to demonstrate all shapes of the corresponding letter with a different vocabulary for each shape. Listening to all letters and vocabulary through quick response (QR) codes or by augmented reality technology with the Blippar application.
You have explanatory arrows to indicate the correct direction of writing letters, special glossy paper for easier writing, and convenient erasing using felt pen.
Rayhanah Website
Muhammad Bahgat Kanafani

ISBN: 978-9948-495-83-3

Write & Erase using Felt Pen

Rayhanah Elements


Practice writing all shapes of Arabic letters. Also practice writing more than 116 of the most basic Arabic vocabulary.


Scan the QR code of each page or scan the page using Blippar App to listen to the pronunciation of the letters and words.
Arabic as foreign language


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